Orthodontic Dental Braces in London Victoria

Teeth Straightening from Simple to the Most Complex Cases

Orthodontic Dental Braces in London Victoria

Simple to The Most Complex Teeth Straightening Cases

Teeth Straightening at London Dental Studio

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Some of Our Smile Transformations

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90% of cases need both upper and lower aligners – We always ensure your teeth look and function at their best

Looking for clear, invisible teeth straightening options?

Invisalign clear dental aligners may be the option for you

Dental Braces Options to Give You a New Smile

1. Invisalign

1. Invisalign

Invisalign® aligners can give you the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted. It works through a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing. So you can smile more during treatment as well as after.

From £2,495

Save £1,655 with Post-lockdown Invisalign Offer

2. Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance used to move front teeth into a straighter position. It can also be used to prepare the teeth for further treatments, such as veneers or dental bonding.

  • Effective Teeth Straightening
  • Fast Orthodontic Improvement
  • Removable Aligners

£1,500 or
From £41.66/month  (0% for 36 months) 

2. Inman Aligner

What is an Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance used to move front teeth into a straighter position. It can also be used to prepare the teeth for further treatments, such as veneers or dental bonding.

How does the Inman Aligner Work?

Two aligner bows that are powered by nickel titanium coil springs provide opposing forces that help move the teeth into the desired position. The aligner bow placed on the back portion of the front teeth gently pushes forward, while a pulling motion is made by the bow placed on the outer part of the teeth. The gentle forces effectively straighten teeth over a large range of movement, with the treatment completed in six to 18 weeks (depending on the case).

An Inman Aligner treatment offers a much faster way to straighten front teeth. Perfectly aligned teeth can now be achieved in just a few short weeks, instead of several years. In general, lower front teeth are straightened faster compared the upper arch of teeth.

Advantages of an Inman Aligner Treatment

  • Effective Teeth Straightening – Front teeth problems involving crowding and protrusion are solved efficiently with an Inman Aligner treatment.
  • Fast Orthodontic Improvement – Front teeth can be straightened in an average of six to 18 weeks, with results varying depending on the degree of teeth straightening involved.
  • Convenient – The Inman Aligner can easily be removed when needed, such as during mealtimes or before brushing the teeth

3. Ceramic Braces

3. Ceramic Braces

This orthodontic system uses metal-reinforced ceramic brackets to move teeth with predictable straightening results, in an almost unnoticeable manner. Fine-grained ceramic material is used in creating dome-like brackets for additional comfort.

  • Nearly Invisible
  • Predictable Teeth Straightening
  • Increased Comfort
  • Stain Resistand

From £3,500 or
From £97.22/month (0% for 36 months)

What are 3M Clarity Braces?

These cutting-edge ceramic braces offer a discreet orthodontic treatment using very small, almost-invisible brackets that match the natural teeth shade. A translucent ceramic material is used to give the braces an almost-invisible appearance – a far cry from the obvious metal parts of conventional dental braces.
The system can be used by patients 13 years old and above for minor teeth crookedness to more complicated teeth spacing or crowding cases.

How do 3M Clarity Braces Work?

This orthodontic system uses metal-reinforced ceramic brackets to move teeth with predictable straightening results, in an almost unnoticeable manner. Fine-grained ceramic material is used in creating dome-like brackets for additional comfort.

Advantages of 3M Clarity Braces

  • Nearly Invisible – The small, translucent ceramic brackets are created to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the natural teeth for a completely discreet orthodontic treatment.
  • Predictable Teeth Straightening – The 3M Clarity braces system guarantees successful teeth straightening.
  • Increased Patient Comfort – The ceramic brackets’ smooth rounded shape feels more comfortable inside the mouth, compared to metal brackets’ sharp edges that can lead to irritation and mouth sores.
  • Stain Resisting & Discolouration – Ceramic brackets are not prone to staining, which can be a problem with metal braces.
  • Superior Strength – Advanced technology and materials used result in remarkably strong ceramic braces, which can be deceiving given the ultra-small size of the brackets.
  • Convenient Placement and Removal – A proprietary stress concentrator is located on the ceramic brackets’ base, making it easier for the brackets to be removed when the treatment is completed.

4. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces  are another invisible option of invisible teeth straightening. They are attached to the back portion of the teeth, offering discreet teeth straightening as no part of this orthodontic system can be seen. 

From £5,000 or

 £138.88 (0% for 36 months)

    4. Lingual Braces

    Lingual Braces
    Lingual braces are attached to the back portion of the teeth, offering a discreet manner of teeth straightening since no part of this orthodontic system can be seen. These braces exert forces from the back to move teeth into proper alignment. There may be some adjustments before the patient can speak normally and comfortably, since lingual braces are close to the tongue.

    Benefits of Lingual Braces
    Straightening teeth using lingual braces is ideal for those who do not want to have a smile filled with metal parts, like in the use of conventional metal braces. Teeth are straightened discreetly from behind the scenes, so to speak. The orthodontic treatment can be completed without the patient experiencing embarrassment because of the visible wires and brackets used by metal braces.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontics

    Early treatment may begin at around 7-8 years of age for problems involving the positions of the jaws. It is around 9-10 years that a child may start orthodontic treatment, with 11-14 being the most common age bands.

    There is no age limit for orthodontics – it can be done at any time of life. You can never be too old to have treatment. Wheter using clear sligners like Invisalign to fixed braces it is all possible.

    This depends on the problem to be treated. It can vary from a few months to 2 years. A simpler orthodontic case can complete treatment in 3-9 months.

    Yes, braces placed on the backs of the teeth, lingual braces, are totally invisible. Clear aligners are discrete plastic aligners which are on slightly visible but are also removable.

    These are braces which are  placed on the back surface of the teeth (behind the teeth) and are therefore totally invisible.

    Invisalign are clear removable aligners which are used to treat multiple orthodontic conditions. They are a very good alternative to fixed dental braces.

    There are numerous braces from discrete aligners such as Invisalign, through to metal and ceramic braces (see examples on this page). Your consultation will determine the best option for you.

    After braces are removed the teeth must be kept straight while the bone and gums adapt to the new tooth position. Retainers can be removable or fixed i.e. discreetly stuck to the backs of the teeth.

    Your Teeth Straightening Journey

    three steps to Your New Smile


    Free Consultation & 3D Scans

    We will discuss which brace or aligner is best for you. We may also take a 3D scan of your teeth & show you how your new smile will look. We always provide written treatment plans.


    Start Your Smile Transformation

    Once your chosen dental brace or aligner is placed, we will ensure you are looked after with regular visits to our surgery and/or support whenever you need it.


    Keep Your New Smile Straight

    After all your hard work we want to ensure you keep your teeth as straight as possible and for as long as possible using retainers. We use Rivero retainers which are the best there is!

    A Team You Can Always Rely On

    Dr Meera Vekaria

    GDC Number: 229393

    Dr Meera Vekaria

    Meera takes a holistic approach to patient management and treatment with a view to enhancing a patient’s smile. As an Invisalign Platinum Elite status provider Meera always ensure that patients leave with what they have always been after – the perfect straight smile. 

    Meera will also ensure you keep your straighter smile and provides the best dental retainer options to ensure your smiles remain straight for years to come.

    Dr Rakhee Vekaria

    GDC Number: 244550

    Dr Rakhee Vekaria

    Rakhee Vekaria qualified from Leeds University in 2013 and received her Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in October 2014. Dr Vekaria has trained under Professor Hilt Tatum in placing implants, a fixed solution to missing teeth. She is also an orthodontic practitioner using clear removable aligners(Invisalign) and ihas completed her Diploma in orthodontic clear aligner Therapy. She has completed a year course in advanced aesthetics (Aspire advanced restorative course) and aims to provide high quality aesthetic work to all her patients creating their perfect smile.

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