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About Invisalign Aligners

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic system that uses clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth in a discreet manner. Invisalign braces improve teeth alignment in a much shorter time frame compared to conventional dental braces and are more convenient to use. The different treatment options available under Invisalign are used for a wide range of orthodontic requirements.

How does Invisalign Work?

The clear Invisalign aligners are worn on top of the teeth, covering the entire arch to straighten misaligned teeth. The plastic aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear – a far cry from metal braces. Visible results can be seen in an average of 6-12 months, depending on the severity of the case.

Combined Saving of £1,150 on Invisalign

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Invisalign Options

Free Consultation

Worth £60

Free 3D Scan

Worth £95

Free Whitening

Worth £395

Free Retainers

Worth £600

Invisalign i7

Lady Holding Invisalign Aligners in Her Hand

Includes 7 aligners
For mild orthodontic treatment
Results in as little as 3 month

Invisalign Lite

Man Jogging Removing His Invisalign Dental Aligners

Includes less than 14 aligners
For moderate orthodontic treatment
Results in as little as 6 months

Invisalign Full

A Teenager Demonstrating Invisalign Aligners

Dual Arch (Unlimited Aligners / refinement)

For complex orthodontic treatment
12-18 months of treatment

*£25 fully-refundable deposit is required
to secure your free consultation

Cases That Invisalign Can Treat

mild to complex orthodontic issues – we have you covered

Spaced teeth
Cross bite
Open bite

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See Your Straighter-smile Before Your Treatment Even Starts!

Your Free Consultation includes 3D Digital Smile Simulation

  • Latest dental technology – quick impression taking
  • Highly accurate impressions without gooey materials
  • Provides you with your future smile even before the treatment starts

*£25 fully-refundable deposit is required
to secure your free consultation

Take a Look at Some of Our Invisalign Transformations!

90% of cases need both upper and lower aligners – We always ensure your teeth look and function at their best

Pop-in Pop-Out
Fits-in With Your lifestyle

Invisible, discreet, comfortable and removable orthodontic aligners

What to expect at your free initial consultation

1. Learn more about Invisalign and ask questions
2. Find out which Invisalign option is suitable for you
3. See your final smile results live! with 3D smile-simulation

*£25 fully-refundable deposit is required
to secure your free consultation

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